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coastal road from Salerno to Amalfi / Italy

The coastal road from Salerno to Amalfi / Italy has lots of turns and a really nice view.

Pompei Jayne flew to Naples, so that we could visit Pompei and its surrounding together. Pompei is very big and in stunningly good conditions, we spent 9 hours there!!!
We stayed at a small, but very nice Bed+Breakfast, only 10 minutes by foot to the entrance. I could park my bike in the B+B's locked garage. Absolutely recommendable! 
Stefan and Jayne at Vesuvius Jayne brought her motorcycle gear, and so we drove up Vesuvius and then hiked up the rest to the crater (about 30 minutes).
Herculaneum Then we visited the Herculaneum in Ercolano right below the Volcano. It is much smaller than Pompei, but in even better conditions.
underground of Naples In Naples we took a tour of the underground of the city. This tour includes parts of Roman theater (most of it is build over) and the highlight of the tour is for sure a hike through parts of the over 400km of Greek/Roman drainage system.
northern Greece From Bari / Italy I then took (on my own again) a ferry to Igoumenitsa in northern Greece.