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Map Nevada-Oregon Trip 2018

13 days
4276 km / 2657 miles

Early July 2018 Jayne and I started on our Nevada motorcycle trip. Due to work restraints (again) I had to do it July/August, which is NOT the best time to ride in Nevada because of the heat. We rode from Portland, Oregon south-east to Prineville. From there we went further south-east to Frenchglen, where we had reserved a room at the historic hotel. Further south on gravel roads over Steens Mountains and on into Nevada. From Winnemucca we rode south to Austin, NV but couldn't avoid a short stretch on I80. In Austin we turned east and continued on Hwy 50, The Lonliest Road In America, all the way to Great Basin National Park. From there we rode further south to Rachel, NV, with a very short and unplanned trip to Las Vegas. West again past Tonopah and north towards Reno, but not actually going there. We took a small road towards Gerlach, NV, close to the site of Burning Man, which was a few weeks after we passed through. Riding further north we came trough a little bit of California before entering Oregon again. We had planned to visit Crater Lake again, but due to the heat and a wildfire we skipped it, camped at Odell Lake and then rode back home. On our motorcycle trips we usually tent camp most of the time, but on this trip we stayed most nights in motels due to the overwhelming heat during the day and little relieve at night.

The best time for such a trip is NOT summer! Most days we had temperatures of around 100F (38C), with the high near Las Vegas at 113F (45C). On previous trips in Nevada we had experienced hot days with very cold nights, but this time it barely cooled of at night, so that we opted for air conditioned motels most of the time.

The road conditions are generally good. Even most of the gravel roads are in decend conditon. Paved roads got very hot in the sun, therefore we rode with higher tire pressure than normal to reduce the risk of the tires overheating on our loaded down bikes.

In terms of safety wild animals and wildfires are probably the greatest thread (besides other drivers). Not only bears can be dangerous, but mountain lions and even racoons can be dangerous. We always left our food in locked aluminum panniers when camping. In regards to wildfires it is advisable to ask at ranger stations about current conditions and expected fire direction. There are also many phone apps out there to show wildfires, but cell coverage in the middle of nowhere is spotty at best.

Journey to the middle of nowhere I saw this in a travel guide for Nevada, and it was true for most of our motorcycle trip.
Oregon Highway 22
We left the interstate 5 near Salem and rode east on highway 22 past Detroit lake.
Later on highway 20 we stopped to enjoy the view of Mt. Washington.
View of Mt. Washington
Oregon highway 27
In Prineville, OR we turned south on highway 27, which lead into a canyon, with lots of campgrounds. Crooked River Highway
Motorcycle camping at Palisades Campground
We picked Palisades Campground and got the best spot, at the end of the lower level with some shade.

After we set up camp we walked around a bit and enjoyed the canyon and Crooked River.
Crooked River
Hwy 27 / Crooked River Highway
The next morning we continued south on hwy 27, Crooked River Hwy. Nice, winding road.

About halfway down the road turned into gravel, well maintained with little washboard.
Hwy 27 / Crooked River Highway, Gravel

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