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Map Idaho-Oregon Trip 2016

2 weeks
4280 km / 2675 miles

Late August 2016 Jayne and I rode from Portland, Oregon straight east. We decided to do the first 300 miles by interstate, just to cover some ground the first day. We avoided Interstates for the rest of the trip. Our first and main goal was Hells Canyon in north east oregon. From there we rode south to the ghost town of Silver City, in Idaho. We continued east to Bruneau Bunes and City of Rocks. Then we rode north along the scenic byways of Sawtooth and Salmon River with stops in Custer ghost town and then Fort Missoula in Montana. Back west again to Wallace, Idaho, and south again along Lake Coeur d'Arlene back to Hells Canyon. Further west through eastern Oregon to the Painted Hills and Mount Hood National Forest.
A lot of our friends aske Idaho? Why Idaho? To be honest, we didn't know what to expect, but we wanted to go because we hadn't been there before, and I had just finished reading "The Big Burn" which largely took place in Idaho in 1910. It turned out that Idaho is a beautiful State, especially the middle section. Very remote in places, with lots of fantastic canyons. We ended up calling this trip the Canyon Trip.
The best time for such a trip is summer, since some of the areas are on high elevations and snow must be expected until late spring and already again in late fall.

The road conditions are generally good. Even most of the gravel roads are in decend conditon. The roads to and from Silver City, ID are the exeption and off-road experience and high clearance is needed.

In terms of safety wild animals and wildfires are probably the greatest thread. Not only bears can be dangerous, but mountain lions and even racoons can be dangerous. We always left our food in locked aluminum panniers when camping. In regards to wildfires it is advisable to ask at ranger stations about current conditions and expected fire direction.

Wildfires in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho Before the trip we were worried if the trip could happen at all because of all the large wildfires in the area. We decided to start anyway and be ready to change plans along the way, if needed.
We stopped at several ranger stations along the way to ask about current fire conditions and exact fire locations.
Dead battery on my motorycle
We had planned for an early departure, for once, but due to a
dead battery
on my bike we didn't get started after noon, again.

We rode interstate I84 until past La Grande, OR and made it to a campground
at the Anthony Lakes in the Little Alps just before nightfall.
Anthony Lakes in the Little Alps in Oregon
Highway 86 from Baker City towards Hells Canyon
Highway 86 from Baker City towards Hells Canyon wasn't very interesting at first, but soon got better. Highway 86 from Baker City towards Hells Canyon
Highway 86 from Baker City towards Hells Canyon
As we started to climb hills and small mountains the
riding got more fun and it opened some nice views.
The second night we stayed at Copperfield Campground.
A great place with showers and all for cheap.
Copperfield Campground
Hells Canyon, Oregon
The road through the actual Hells Canyon is a dead end road. It's all paved and a lot of fun with lots of sweepers and beautiful views. Hells Canyon, Oregon

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