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Map Oregon 2009


We (Jayne and me) immigrated early May 2009 to the USA. We first lived in Louisville/Kentucky until end of July and then moved to Portland/Oregon.

This is not one of my normal reports about one of my trips, but I will put up some photos that I took on my more or less short trips in the area.
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  Washington Road & Recreation Atlas

General Information


The best time to go to Oregon is end of Spring through early Fall. The climate here is similar to the one in Germany, but that also means that it rains here. But because of the rain it is nice and green.

The road conditions are relatively good, but there are some bad roads and deep pot holes too, that one has to watch out for. Many small side roads are not paved in Oregon, or only partially.

About safety I can only say that everybody is allowed to carry a gun, and many do. So far I have seen only a few hunters with guns, and I hope it stays this way.

Some of the traffic rules are different from the rules in Europe. You can read up on that here.


Louisville Slugger Museum As soon as one leaves the big city one is in a beautiful landscape with fields, forests and hills.
Sand Lake is, as the name already states a lake of sand, so some kind of desert. This is interesting, because there are trees all around it, and the area doesn't look like a desert either. Louisville/Kentucky
The Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately much too cold to go swimming.
The Pacific Coast in Oregon is just beautiful! I can't wait to see more of it. Kentucky
There are many small lakes off the coast, as well as rivers, forests and mountains. In Oregon one can surf in the ocean in the morning and ski on a glacier in the afternoon.