Gear review - Camping pots

Camping Töpfe Globetrotter   Camping Pot Set   376g   Ø17,5x7,5cm   Euro 31,95

This pot set actually is from my old Alcohol Storm Stove Sets. Since the aluminium pots are in good conditions, and fit perfectly into each other, I don't see a reason to buy new ones.



On my motorcycle trips I take four pots, three from my alcohol stove set, plus one Teflon coated one (see below). I don't take the frying pan and the kettle from the set any more, as I have never really used them, and I don't see that I will need them at some point. 

The complete set of four pots, one handle, the wind shield, and the petrol/gas stove weights together with the cloth cover 970g and is Ø18x8cm in size.

Concluion: Four pots sounds like a lot, and it is a lot, but I have used all of them many times, and if I only use a pot as a lid for another one.

A similar Camping Pot Set Aluminium is also available at




Globetrotter   Trangia Non Stick Pot   165g   Ø18x8cm   Euro 16,95

Depending on what one cooks it can be hard to clean the pots afterwards, therefore I decided to buy a Teflon coated pot.

Concluson: The coating makes it much easier to clean the pot, but one has to be careful not to damage the coating. Therefore I don't use metal cutlery with this pot.





Globetrotter   Stainless Steel Cup   single walled   0,25l   95g   Ø7x8cm   Euro 2,95

On motorcycle trips one of course needs something to drink from, e.g. coffee in the morning and wine at night. Porcelain and glass are out of question on trips.

Conclusion: The cups are sturdy, relatively light weight, easy to clean, and cheap.  I recommend these cups.

A similar Stainless steel cup 0,25L is also available at